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Community Hub


82 Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes is the community office for Big Local North Cleethorpes.


The building has been purchased through the Big Local programme as a community base for activities for the remainder of the scheme and as a longer term legacy for North Cleethorpes.

The office is staffed by volunteers from the Big Local partnership and by staff and volunteers from other partner organisations.  That means it’s fairly fluid as to when the building is open or available.

Generally we aim to have the building open for visitors from 10am – 2pm Monday to Friday.  Feel free to pop in.  However, if you’re making a real effort to get here or you need to have a specific conversation then you should call/email before you come to make sure we’re open and the right person is there to speak to you.  Making appointments is the easiest approach.  All our contact information is here.

1:1 meetings can be held in the building, the room can be booked for meetings, it might be the venue for local training courses, and you can come in and find out anything about Big Local at any time.

Come and say hello.


The opening of 82 Grimsby Road in April 2019

Community Hub


Big Local North Cleethorpes volunteers, committee members, project representatives, development staff and VIP visitors from Local Trust all collected together on the opening day of 82 Grimsby Road in April 2019.


History of 82 Grimsby Road

Since the start of the Big Local North Cleethorpes programme, the partnership has been keen to have an independent base from which to operate. Up until 2019 we’ve been moving around various community meeting spaces.

So a commitment was made to lease or purchase a building within the North Cleethorpes footprint. This was further agreed with The Local Trust who oversee all Big Local spending.

After various attempts at finding the right building, 82 Grimsby Road was purchased outright.  It was a commercial ground floor premises with an old residential flat upstairs. Built into the budget was the cost of a total refurbishment.

The Big Local partnership is unable to enter into asset owning contracts, so local non-profit Capacity Buildings legally purchased the property but a legal trust agreement was also put in place to ensure that the building is held totally in trust for the benefit of North Cleethorpes long term.

Once purchased in August 2018, refurbishment started.  Although there has been a budget available and contractors have been bought in, there has always been a commitment to maximise the value of the investment.  So project management of the project and much of the physical work has been done by volunteers from the partnership (thanks Alan).  As of June 2019 it is estimated that well over 1000 volunteer hours have been invested.

Local suppliers and businesses have also given discounts and offers to keep our costs down.

In April 2019 the building (partially refurbished) opened. As of May 2019 Big Local staff and volunteers were operating from the building and services were available to support the community.

There is still work to do to renovate the upstairs space and outside, but most of the ground floor is now available and usable.