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Support Our Services

Support Our Services

Project: Support our Services

Funded by: Awards for All

When: 2021 – 2022


The project aims to make a difference for local residents’ lives, both those people who would be able to retain their local community-based jobs, and those residents who will benefit from services the organisations will be able deliver to their homes or switch to online as a result of our assistance.

Securing support from other residents to invest in local services to:

  1. Deliver services to the door of other residents (where previously residents had to go to a charity shop or community building to purchase goods and services)
  2. Deliver services using online communication tools for example: training and learning sessions; demonstrations; coaching and mentoring sessions.

We will also collect and monitor feedback from local residents accessing voluntary and community goods and services to see how they can be improved in the future.

It is new as many groups and organisations have stopped operating because they don’t know how to adapt or are too worried to try. Lots of residents have asked us for help to produce service delivery guides and an online booking system.