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Green Route Cleethorpes


Project: Green Route Cleethorpes

Funded by:

When: 2020 – 2021

We’ve been mapping all of the green spaces across Cleethorpes and looking at the history of those spaces. And we’re encouraging people to get out and explore that greenery; perhaps understand more about why it is there, and hopefully get fit and have some fun at the same time.

Some provide spaces to relax or get exercise; others provide spaces for wildlife and plants to exist. Almost all of these spaces have been created over the past century as Cleethorpes has developed. The coming of the railway and the emergence of tourism also saw creation of parks and gardens; whilst building homes created further open spaces in between.

There is plenty of history hidden behind the Green Spaces in Cleethorpes.

Click on the images to find out more.

Sidney Park
Pier Gardens
Trinity Open Space
Cleethorpes Country Park
Dolphin Gardens
Haverstoe Park
Humberston Nature Reserve
Sussex Recreation Ground

Working with the Humber Nature Partnership and local conservation volunteers, will help us produce a feasibility study to see how best to connect these green heritage spaces.

Research into historic town plans that were drawn up will assist us in creating some of the original tree planting and other greening of the town’s urban areas as it evolved.

Local residents and volunteers can help collect information and photographs using an online and telephone survey to help us prepare a trail leaflet with  website links that set out the heritage context and research behind historic green sites across the town.

Watch the VANEL and Big Local website ( and ) Our Twitter accounts (@vaneltalk and @BLNCleethorpes) for further information and details about how to get involved.

Green Cleethorpes Interactive Map