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Stay Safe Guides

In preparation for a very different Christmas and Winter 2020, Capacity Buildings, through the KOPS project worked with local partners including the local Policing teams, to decide on messages that we wanted to share with older residents in Cleethorpes. Resulting themes were compiled into a printed “Stay Safe” booklet which was distributed widely around the community.

That original Stay Safe booklet has now been edited and re-released several times.

Latest editions

For Cleethorpes residents, “Stay Safe for 2021” is the latest edition (printed May 2021)

For East Marsh residents “Stay Safe for East Marsh” is the latest edition (printed Feb 2021)

For West Marsh residents “Stay Safe for West Marsh” is the latest edition (printed June 2021)

Each guide has it’s own webpage to explore the content. Click on the links above or visit Cleethorpes, East Marsh or West Marsh here.

Previous Editions

The original printed edition (for Cleethorpes) was for Christmas 2020. Download the .pdf here.
Second print was for Winter 2021 printed January 2021. Download the .pdf here.


What sorts of things are in the Stay Safe guides?

The guides cover topics including:
Covid precautions and lockdown messages; vaccinations; wellbeing and health messages; scams and fraud avoidance; dealing with doorstep traders and using tradespeople; local policing team contacts and useful emergency numbers; flood advice; Humberside Fire and Rescue home safety tips; protecting your property against burglars and more.

Getting the Guides

Visit the guide pages (Cleethorpes, East Marsh or West Marsh) and read the full Stay Safe guides directly online in your browser.

Download each pdf file from those pages. They are large and are designed to be booklet printed so you may not be able to print it yourself usefully, but you can read it at your leisure with a .pdf viewer.

Pick up a printed copy. If you or someone you know would like a copy then if you live in Cleethorpes (Sidney Sussex, Croft Baker or Haverstoe wards) then you have a couple of choices:

Speak to a member of your local Policing team. They are helping with distribution and have plenty of copies.
Contact Big Local or VANEL or Capacity Buildings at 82 Grimsby Road. There are copies to pick up from there. We are only open limited hours at the moment (Usually 10-4pm on Wednesdays) but if you email or phone then we can tell you when to pop in.
Send us your address (if Cleethorpes) and we’ll arrange for a copy (copies) to be popped through your letterbox over the following week.

Assisted reading

A text only version of the main Cleethorpes guide is online here. You can read it slightly easier within your browser; switch to a reader mode if available to you; or use any addons or tools you might use to have it read the page to you.

Listen to the guide

We’ve created a podcast audio version of contents of the latest, May edition of the Cleethorpes guide. Visit our Audio Versions page here. Or our PodBean page here.

Further information

Get in touch with Paula, Karl or Alex at Capacity Buildings to chat more about the guides.


The KOPS project and hence the Stay Safe guides (up to May 2021) have been funded through the North East Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership (CSP) Crime Reduction Fund 2020/21. This in turn is funded by the office of the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner.

Further guides from June 2021 are likely to be funded through support from Big Local North Cleethorpes.

Thank you to our partners helping to deliver this project:
Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL)
Big Local North Cleethorpes (BLNC)
North East Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Watch Network

Thank you to organisations supporting us:
The Humberside Policing teams for Croft Baker, Haverstoe and Sidney Sussex wards
Friendship at Home
East Marsh Involve (for the East Marsh Stay Safe guide)